Why I am choosing Physics

Third Consumer Behavior
#4th Meeting
2nd week of October 2014

Physics is more than words something difficult to understand. But, it’s imagine why nature phenomena could be cohesiveness with force and waves. Two variable could superposition in specification medium accompany soliton phenemena of nonlinear physics. Actually, in 2 Dimension of simulation computation. Using a large space for doing any matrices. Total of energy potential and kinetic which any size of grain. It was about characterization and synthesis. Based of fundamental science and combine of the mother of science. Get a physics class since junior high school with influenced literary. Friends is needed in stable environment. It was doing together with group of science for analyze with literature. Create procedure, doing experimental, analyze with data, grabbed into paper, compare with before experimental has been done.
So, what into applied in behavior of consumer being. How do they deed any with time and needed. Instrumentation is commercial area for doing research. Since technology developed for centuries. Nowadays, technology for increasing life span and expand area market. Yuph, that’s industry. How the behavior if economy and technology in this area. Power of capital doing for marketing of routing in electronic devices. It involved people and power of technology. Every three months or doing kuartal market. How index of stock fluctuation every mobile transaction. Daily activities like buying voucher card, compatible disk, accessory, accessed data, and frequency. Internet is product of data and frequency. It was big change for our society around the world. East and west were connected in one language who every one understand in their language in the same seconds.


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