#Second Meeting Consumer Behavior

Lecturer : Prof. Dr. Ir. Ujang Sumarwan, MSC
Dept. Of Family And Consumer Sciences
Collage Of Human Ecology
Bogor Agricultural University

Semester September 2014 – Jan 2015
Based On Consumer Behavior Text Book
By. Ujang Sumarwan

Interesting topic on today’s class

In the second meeting, Prof. Ujang begin his class with some questions why you are in IPB. So, he mentioned about what motivation you are entering this university. Let’s check my answer first I want to be scientist. I choose faculty of mathematics and natural science. Then, I take physics class in the first matriculation. So, difficultly so I can answer the physics problem. I’m interesting on technology. Because scientist made for the material which needed as instrument. Why I take consumer behavior because market in technology is largest. Everybody needs communication to express how feel everyday with text it in social media and privately to connect friends and family.

Current trend

There are mostly trend which interesting people nowadays. Some of them are :
1. social media like twitter, facebook, path and other
2. K-pop like drama, music, and fashion
3. Gadget-gadget technology like smartphone (blackberry, apple, ipad, etc) and shaped into tablet
4. Online Business like Online shopping

Motivation entering IPB

First come to entering this university because it is located in Bogor. But, seriously IPB is world class university that I heard when High School. My parents support me to continue study in IPB. My mom pray me to entering this university. Mom will, God will it’s complement each word. Graduated from IPB has received job in top company including BUMN and International company. I hope that I’ll be part one of them.

Motivation Entering Department of Physics

Because Department of Physics just accredited A when I enter this university. Also, it received as best fourth rank Department of Physics in Indonesia. Alumni inspired physics not also be lecturer and teacher. It is used in Industry. Technical Assistance and Manager in top company are most position after graduate from Department of Physics.


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