Free Smoke Campus : A Solution for Better Living in Campus

Free Smoke Campus : A Solution for Better Living in Campus

We often feel the air hot and dry in the morning. In the afternoon, we feel the air is very hot. In fact,  there is a mountain of  Salak  that  thousand meters  from campus.  Sometimes, we feel bad mood after learning activity in class.  Then, we get hungry and walk to Bara for having lunch. We see cars and motorcycle every minute in the road. If there isn’t any question, I will ask about gas from combustion reaction in motorcycle vehicles.  As the result, the reaction produce carbon dioxide.

People know that motors produce waste gas. The way of using premium is cheap for them.  Researching   testify to the result of gasoline reaction. Gasoline in chemical named Isooctane (2,2,4-trimethyl pentane)  was  actualized the number of octane 100 and n-heptane numbered 0.  It also add anti knock substances such as TEL (tetraethyl lead),,  ethylene dibromide            () atau ethylene dichloride (). Function of ethylene dibromide     () or ethylene dichloride () is for bonding Pb (plumbum) in combustion form plumbum bromide or plumbum chloride which easy way to evaporate and then free in the air.

Lead in the air is harmful if less go into human body and accumulating, we get seriously headache. Moreover, the disease is blindness and death. Because of it is very harmful, if we contact into our body, make it snappy for washing our hand with aseptic soap. Remembering harm of using TEL, that is effort to find another anti knock. But, this effort doesn’t succeed because another anti knock could contaminate another form.

Lead is estimated to decreasing Intelligent Question (IQ). It also tent to antisocial interaction and head off digest thinking. In healthy, it could be anemia, not to function the reproduction, and flawed to embryo. Decreasing Intelligent Question (IQ) is seriously effect to student in campus. If students who are unfriendly to each other, they indicate to antisocial and apathetic. Is that caused of Lead which residue of combustion reaction?

Now, we start action to be better living in Campus with green action.  We can change our campus weather with cycling and go for a walk. If we get tired, there is still many bus which operate by scheduled time. That’s ways for reducing gas combustion of motorcycle vehicles. Free smoke in Campus can implement real in Campus. Don’t hope our campus will be better if every student doesn’t want change their life style.


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