Leadership Talk

It’s very interesting talk with Drs. Kemal A. Stamboel, Psi. ,MM and Dr. M.Sohibul Iman, M.Eng.
I summarize the most point of them.
Mr. Kemal claimed that multi-discipline link to business. So that, every student have knowledge well.
He viewed four points. First,  morality; second, intellectuality ; third, personality;  and the last, sociality.
He pointed personality that include passion and patient. Two attitudes that must we have to  front problems.
On the other hand, Mr.Sohibul claimed that “Life is Choice”. Life give choices until we get confused because them.  He pointed responsible, commitment, risk-taker, warming to people, and caring.
He emphasized a leader must be warming to people. Leadership is not only to under his line, but his side right-left. That’s perfect combination plug.  If only under his line, it will born dictatorial.
He also added managerial skill for leadership. He gave example activist. Most activist fell in academics because they felt deep affection people’s problem.  He advice activist based on competence.
He describes five competences that activist must have.
1) Academic  Excellent (It means IP above 3.3)
2) Scientific  discourse
3) Network and Career Map
4) Social Engagement (Student must act)
5) Religious activity
Nowadays, world urging  big transformation in science and technology.  We must quick response and keep in good time.  Acts like leader, you’ll be leader. Never  wait a ball, but pick it to goal. Never expectation, but inspection.

Audit Toyyib Hadiwidjaja / February,26,2012


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